Running In A Fasted State

Running in a fasted state basically means that you go for a run prior to eating anything that day. In this article I am going to go through the benefits I have experienced to running in a fasted state as well as the drawbacks.

1. You feel light

The best thing about running in a fasted state is first of all that you feel incredibly light. Every time I skip breakfast and just go straight out on a run, I always feel incredibly light. If you are not aiming at crushing a PR or competing in a race, running in a fasted state can actually present a pretty enjoyable experience.

2. Burn more fat

The second great benefit in addition to the one already mentioned is that you will burn more fat when running in a fasted state. Because your body wont have access to any food to get fuel from, your body is forced to get that fuel from your fat-stores. This provides a great fat loss opportunity for those aiming at that.
By running in fasted you will also improve your body`s ability to burn fat as fuel, something that can be crucial if you want to run longer distances.

3. Avoid throwing up

Last but not least, you wont run the risk of having to vomit or digest your food twice when running fasted. I sometimes experience this if I go out on a run right after a meal. If you have the same tendencies as me, a run before breakfast can be a great way of steering clear of that experience.

Now to the drawbacks…

1. Your body lacks fuel

Your body hasn’t access to the amounts of fuel it would normally have if you would eat something before your run. Due to this you will experience a lack of fuel and therefor become tired much faster. You will feel depleted of energy much faster and therefor you will not be able to get in good HIIT workouts as you would in an fed state (in my experience).

To run fasted or not? In my experience running fasted can be a great way to get in a morning workout without having to think about preparing food. After having experimented a bit with running in a fasted state I only run fasted when I go out on a «pleasure-run» and just for the sake of enjoying the surroundings. On the other hand, if you are going to do HIIT and LSD runs, I would think twice before heading out without anything in your stomach.

What is your take on it – I would love to hear.