Barefoot vs Cushioned Running Shoes

In the last couple of years there has been a trend.
After the book “Born To Run” was released many runners have started to put their overly cushioned shoes away and substituted them with either “Barefoot-like shoes” or no shoes at all.

My opinion is that there are lots of benefits to barefoot running that you dont get when running with cushioned shoes. I am going to tell you why I think barefoot running is the way to go further down this article, but for those of you who dont like to read I have made a video on this topic as well which you can watch here:

Keep in mind that when I say barefoot running I dont necessarily mean completely bare feet. You can also get running shoes with less cushion that gives you the feel of running barefoot while at the same time protecting your feet.

While cushioned shoes is said to protect you feet against pounding, they make you adopt an awful running style that actually damages your feet more than it protects it.

Cushioned shoes forces you to land on your heels which will multiply the pounding that you legs receive. Instead, when running barefoot you are FORCED to adopt a perfect running style – you will have no other choice. Either you run erect with good form or you crush your heels and injure yourself badly.

It is funny to see how people with a sloppy running style suddenly adopt a perfect running style when running barefoot – they simply dont have a choice.

The good thing also i that everyone of us are “born to run”. Humans have evolved on two legs which have been used to gather food and resources for millenniums. Humans depended on running for food and the human leg is therefor perfectly build for running.

Just look at your feet and see all the small bones that make up such a great mechanism. It is incredible.

What better way to honor you body than to do with it what it is designed to do – running barefoot.

Not only does it facilitate perfect running form (and therefor injury prevention), but it also strengthens your feet over time.

When I think about it, this wasn’t a “that vs that” article. It was an article that encourages people to go light and run with bare feet and I hope that I was able to inspire you to test it out now – right Now #JustRun