How To Reduce Your Recovery Time In-Between Runs

In this article I am going to go through the 4 step process that will boost your recovery time and ensure you getting the most benefits out of your completed workout as possible.

The 4 step process covers every aspect of your post-workout needs and gives the body the nutrition it needs while at the same time setting you up for your other appointments that are about to come.

You can also watch a video I did on this topic by clicking on the video below:


The first thing you should do when you get home from a run is to fuel up. This means consuming plenty of carbs and protein in order to re-fill your energy tanks and restoring damaged muscle tissue.

Foods that are rich in carbs and protein could include oatmeal or a simple protein-shake.

It is vital that you consume enough nutrients straight after your run as that is the time when your body will be the most susceptible to absorbing all the nutrients and utilizing them correctly.

STEP 2: Re-Hydrate

The second step is to rehydrate your body with water or energy drink. If you go for the first option make sure to get some salt into your drink either in form of salt or electrolyte powder.

A great way to judge how much water you need in order to re-hydrate your body completely, is to weigh yourself before your run and the after your run. Take the difference in kilograms and convert it into liters 1:1.

Step 3: Take a shower

Nothing feels more refreshing than taking a shower after exercising. This will not only wash away your sweat, but also improve your recovery time.

If you are seriously committed you can turn the temperature on as low as possible. Cold water boosts your recovery time.

Step 4: Stretch

Take the time to stretch out your muscles and relax all the tense muscles in your body. You will feel incredible afterwards and yes, boost your recovery time.

Hope you enjoyed this quick 4 step process. I would encourage you to try it one time and gage your results,

Until next time,