How To Carry Water And Food On Your Run

For those of you running long distances like 10, 20 or 40km know how important it is to carry food and water with you on the longer runs in order to stay hydrated and filled up on energy.

The problem only comes when you have to carry the food and the water. In this article I am going to show you the best way to carry food and water on your run, making it almost unnoticeable for you as a runner.

I have also made a video on the topic which you can watch here:

Although there might seem like there are many options, which there are, I would suggest that you buy a waist bag like the one on the picture.

That way you will be able to carry plenty of fluid while at the same time having enough storage room for your mobile phone, keys and food.

After trying a couple of solutions I have found this to be the best one. It gives you a lot of storage room and it fits snuggly and tight when you are running,

Hope this short article was able to help you.

Until next week,