Should You Strength Train As A Runner? | should you strength train as a runner

A question that many people ask is whether or not you should be strength training as an endurance athlete or in this case as a runner.

Although the opinions on this topic varies a lot from runner to runner, I am going to share my opinion on this topic and show you how you can boost your performance with strength training without interfering with your running.

You can watch a video that I did on this topic here:

Strength training can be a great tool and a tool that every endurance athlete should use to their advantage in order to boost their performance as a runner.

As long as you follow some principles when strength training, you will quickly experience a great increase in performance in the gym as well as on the road.

By following these principles that I am going to share with you, you will be able to build a strong good looking body while at the same time not interfering with your running.

So lets get started..

Principle number 1: Keep the repetitions low – aim for strength

The one thing that you want to avoid as an endurance athlete is to build huge muscles that slow you down. Instead you want to aim for raw strength that will support you in your endeavors. By keeping your repetitions under 6 reps you will build strength without depleting yourself of energy for your runs.

Principle number 2: Stick to compound lifts

There is no need to waste your time with concentration exercises like bicep curls and tricep-extensions. You instead want to aim for compound lifts that strengthen you whole body and shortens down on your time spent in the gym. These exercises includes:

– Bench press
– Squats
– Deadlift
– Pull Ups
– Overhead Press
– Rows

As long as you follow these two principles you will build strength that will support your running while at the same time building a strong and good-looking body.

Thank you for reading and until next time,

– Sebastian