Avoid Getting Sick When Running

Hello to everyone reading this,

Let me start off by asking you this one question – Have you ever gotten sick and feeling like vomiting when running?

If yes, then you know exactly what I am going to talk about. As you can see in the video below I got out on a run and immediately began feeling sick and having the urge to just throw up right there and then. Not a delighting nor idyllic experience I can tell you.

If you want to check out the video you can view it right here:

If you on the other hand don’t want to watch the video, you can keep reading right here.

I am going to make it very short as there is no need to further paint out my experience here in addition to having a very short message.

The single trick to avoid getting this feeling and avoiding it spoiling your run is to stop eating right before you are heading out for a run.

I did the mistake of eating a great and well tasting meal right before heading out, which did cost me the run.

Make sure that you always get your food in at least one hour before heading out in order to avoid that unpleasant feeling and you will be feeling light and great on every run.

Hope this helped you in some way and thank you for reading.

– Sebastian