#1 Tactic For Increasing Your Motivation

Hello everyone!

Are you struggling with motivation?

Well if that is the case than you are at the right place, because in this article I am going to supply you with a technique to boost your motivation and achieve everything you want.

Many are lacking motivation and that is often what is preventing them or maybe you from achieving the success they want. In this article I am going to provide you with a great solution to combat the lack of motivation and give you a strong sense of motivation and will power.

I am going to jump straight into the matter, but first I want to tell you a secret.

Like anything in life, motivation comes and goes in circles.  One moment it is there and the other moment it is gone. A great way to illustrate this is to look at other processes in life,


  • Night and day
  • Sleeping and awakening
  • Sowing and reaping

Everything goes in circles.

You simply cant have one without the other, else your life would get out of balance and you would exhaust yourself just like going 3 days without sleep.

But now the to simple trick that I wanted to tell you all along.

The trick that you can use in order to gain your motivation back.

This simple trick consist of setting a goal and rewarding yourself when you achieve it.  This is such a simple trick but it is pretty darn powerful. This award could be

  • The new GoPro camera
  • Dining at your favorite restaurant
  • or simply relaxing

On the flip site you are also going to have a penalty for not achieving your goal.

This can include

  • No mobile for 7 days
  • No video games for 30 days
  • Give 50$ to a buddy

You get the point.

By setting up your reward and penalty system like that you are going to do everything you can in order to achieve your goal and get the price while not having to pay the penalty.

Hope you enjoyed this quick tip, thank you for reading