How To Make Your Own Electrolyte Drink

There have been some rare incidences where people have fainted or in some cases died because of a dropping salt level in their body. The case was that they drank too much water in a short period of time which caused the salt levels in their body to drop drastically.

Although those cases are fairly rare it is a good idea to always consume a bit of salt when consuming water. This will manage your salt levels and keep them on a consistent level even when you are drinking great amounts of fluid like when running a long endurance race.

There are numerous way that you can consume salt. You can either eat salty foods or you can drink water that contains salt, often referred to as electrolyte drinks.
Drinking electrolyte drinks is the most common way to consume salt and many companies are always further developing their drinks and making them more and more complicated to an even higher price.
What I will teach you in this article is that you don’t have to spend all that money on electrolyte drinks as you can simply make them on your own.

The ingredients couldn`t be any fewer and the process couldn`t be easier. You simply take a water bottle and fill it up with water. Then you take a pinch of salt and drop it into your water. You shake it and Voila – there you go.
You don’t need more than that. All the companies want you to believe that you need all the extra costly fuss while it is only the salt that you really need.

You can also feel free to put in a squeeze of lemon or orange juice in. This will actually make it more of an electrolyte drink and make it taste better.

– 0,75l water
– One small pinch of salt
– Orange or lemon juice (optional)