Running In The Morning And The Benefits

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In this article I am going to write about running in the morning and the benefits that it can have for you and the rest of your day.

As we all probably know, running is good for you and has many great benefits attached to it. Running in the morning takes those old and boring benefits of running and adds a little bit of spice to it.

The act of simply running has a lot of benefits, but as you will discover, getting out in nature and being active from the beginning of the day will give you an added benefit.

If you don’t want to read the whole article, I have made a video about this topic too, where I briefly cover the topic and the core of the matter.


Have you ever tried it? – Gone out for a run or doing something active in the morning? If yes, then you know how great it feels.

You just have to get over the initial bump in the morning and get over the doorstep and out into nature – depending on where you live. You will feel a rush of energy and a sense of aliveness running in total silence.

Some of us have a shortage of energy when we get up in the morning and some of us even throughout the whole day. Running in the morning can get rid of your sleepiness and set your mind on wide alertness.

You don’t even have to run. You can play soccer, cycle or go for a swim. The most important aspect of it all is YOU getting out and doing something active. You can even do your morning activity before breakfast. For those of you who are trying to shred some weight, this is a great way of doing so;)

After completing your morning activity you will feel like a new person and vitalized with a lot of energy. I won’t attempt to explain all the chemical processes because there is no need to. You will experience it and after a couple of days you will most likely get addicted to your little morning activity because of how great it feels.

I have experienced that if I run in the morning, I have a lot of energy throughout the day. I also seem to tackle day with an extremely positive mindset that improves every aspect of my life.

When I get home from a morning run and take a shower I feel like a new person, a better person who is able to accomplish any goal that has been set for that day.

My advice to you is – go and try it. There is no better way to experience it then to go out and run. All I can do is to give you the motivation and the initial spark to make you go out and run.


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